Ceramide Rich Hemp Oil – for our skin and hair

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Do you have dry, split skin or hair this winter? If so, beef up its moisture reserves with ceramide-rich Hemp Oil-either in capsules or liquid. Take it internally but also squeeze some onto your skin or into your moisturizer for extra protection. Here’ why:

Hemp Oil is rich in Ceramides- fat molecules that act as ‘glue’ to bind skin cells, allowing them to form smooth skin. The outer layer of the skin is nearly 50% fat! Its main job is to retain moisture & hydration and not allow any foreign particles to enter your system through the skin. It helps keep the skin plump and taut and is your first barrier of protection against pollution. Consider it too if you get a little too much sun.

“Extreme cold-weather temperatures, exposure to hot water, and dry heat can all deplete the ceramides stored in your skin,” says Shereene Idriss, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City, tells Allure.

Dr. Idriss says it’s critical to introduce ceramide-fortified products to lock in moisture and restore your skin’s barrier function. They’re also a key ingredient to look out for when treating skin conditions like eczema or moisturizing your skin after a laser treatment.

Ceramides stop excessive liquid from leaving the cells. So, they nourish your skin by preventing dryness and improving the quality of your barrier membrane.

Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair

Hemp seed oil contains a lipid fat called ceramide which supports our cellular membranes. These are the gateways that allow substances to exit or enter cells and in the hair ceramides lock in moisture and stop excess liquid from leaving the cells. Consuming hemp oil or even trying a weekly hemp oil hair mask can prevent dryness and greatly improve the quality of your hair meaning shiny, healthy locks.

Speaking of hair, don’t forget the wonders of using Calcifood for hair, teeth, bones, and your fingernails. Read my research here:

Hemp oil is great externally, but good for our insides too, especially for inflammation & pain.

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Learn more by reading our fact sheet on Hemp Oil Complex for capsules or liquid.

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