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Do you, your loved ones, or your patients have non-resolving issues? 

I possess 30 years of expertise in nutrition-especially in the Standard Process and MediHerb professional nutritional supplement lines. I can ‘demystify’ the products and help you with all tough patient cases. Of special interest is Traumatic Brain Injury.

As a Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist, your needs are my first priority. I’m efficient and driven- and can quickly help you with your health concerns with clinically backed research and professional results.

In the bay area of California and beyond.

Clinical nutrition & supplement support

Kim Sperry Consulting provides

"I watched your presentation on calcium on your youtube channel the other day. It was great! Really well done! I have been asking SP representatives what is the purpose of Calsol for over 40 years, and I have never gotten a clear answer. No one has ever had a good explanation. Only the vaguest of answers which suggested that they were just reading the product description back to me. After watching your video, I feel like I understand the purpose of this product, and how it fits into the SP line for the very first time! I really appreciate the info! Plus, I learned a lot about your other calcium products."

– Dr. W. Friedman

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If you’re a licensed health care practitioner and in need of not feeling overwhelmed or understaffed regarding patients’ nutritional needs, I’m confident that Patient Direct is for you too. 
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I’m honored to represent not only two of the highest-ranking nutritional companies on this planet but your own personal practices as well. I’m here not only for you but because of you. 

For those of you wanting to get your Standard Process and MediHerb products from the comfort of your own homes, contact me to get my own special code:

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