Mold, Methylation and Hormones CEU event starting Feb 4th

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The term ‘mycotoxin’, meaning “toxic substance” was coined in 1962- after 100,000 young turkeys mysteriously died near London, England. Their disease was linked to ground peanut meal that contained Aspergillus flavus (aflatoxins). This discovery helped scientists realize the possibility of occult or hidden mold metabolites that are deadly-not only to livestock & fowl, but to humans.

Fast forward 60 years – not only are mycotoxins associated with severe degenerative diseases, but Biological weapons.

Please join us on Feb 4th and 5th for fascinating mini discussions not only on mold but methylation, hormones, detox, and more. This will be a fun and very cost-effective way to get 8 CEUs (8 Continuing Education Credits pending approval: DC, ND, LAc, CA LAc, CNS, ACBN, BCHN, RD)

Mold, Methylation and Hormones CEU event


  • Friday, February 4 (12 noon -5 pm pacific time)
  • Saturday, February 5 (7 am – 12 pm pacific time)


  • $69 HCP with CE Regular Rate
  • $25 Non CE, Clinic Staff or Students

For a worry free registration, register here:

If you find that you’re unable to join us? Just cancel 24 hours prior to the event for a full refund.


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