Horse Accident Success Stories

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You may remember how well CytoQuel + Soothe & Relaxx helped me with my pickleball injury. Recently, Dr. Esquibel shared how well Soothe & Relaxx rapidly helped a patient with a horse-related injury. She’s so happy with it that she’s sending her friends his way! If you’ve missed it, please check it out here:

Here’s another horse-related injury case with a happy ending. This came compliments of Jessica Piazza LAc of East West Natural Medicine. She used Tri-Fortify and CytoQuel together for a horse-related incident.

Jessica, take it away please:

At Researched Nutritionals, we proudly back up our claims with science-something unheard of in this industry. In this case, we’ve performed human clinical studies on our Tri-Fortify Glutathione in relationship to oxidative stress and increased natural killer cell function. Since I know that Jessica is a master muscle tester, she got me curious about potential other uses for Tri-Fortify liposomal glutathione.

In doing a bit of probing, I did find that glutathione reportedly helps support restoration and repair of muscles and joints, helping to relieve minor injuries. It’s involved with muscle synthesis and growth, supporting your body in building stronger muscles.1 Please keep that in mind as a potential First Aid and remember- it tastes great and doesn’t need refrigeration.

Here’s to stronger, healthier living,


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  1. Benefits of Glutathione for Athletes

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