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Suzanne’s Favorite Doctor

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Suzanne Somers, affectionately known as Chrissy (to those who watched her in Three’s Company), died after living with breast cancer for nearly 25 years. Her approach to health drew controversy at the time when she announced her decision to forgo chemotherapy and embrace alternative remedies instead.

She was such a pioneer for women – asking for equal pay when the men on her TV show were making 10 to 15 times as much. When facing her serious health issue, she would shout from the rooftops her favorite doctors involved in science-based complementary health care.

If I may, I’d like to introduce you one of her favorites now- Allan Magaziner MD-

Practice Spotlight: Dr. Allan Magaziner

Magaziner Center for Wellness” in New Jersey receives rave reviews from his patients including Suzanne Somers. “Dr. Magaziner looks for the causes of disease, educates his patients, and shows them how to take steps to prevent a catastrophic event. In my estimation, his way is a better way.” – Suzanne Somers, A New Way To Age

Dr. Magaziner specializes in the ‘Art and Wellness of Science’. I thought you’d enjoy knowing how he uses our product line, particularly Transfer Factor Multi Immune, Tri-Fortify, CytoQuel, H2 Absorb, and ATP 360. Here’s a link to his interview with our own Debby Hamilton MD:

This video is so interesting, that I’ve listened to it 4 times! I’d highly encourage you to listen to it in full, and for time efficiency, I’ve included the minutes where he specifically mentions the results of using our product line. Please Enjoy!

In honor of Chrissy,


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