Eve Loves Our Foundation Kit

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Eve Bernstein DC of East West Wellness of Marin has been a long time friend. In her practice, she goes beyond chiropractic, and looks at the whole picture of your health and well-being. She has had her challenges- living with chronic fatigue and frequent illnesses. Awhile back, she received confirmation that she had the antibodies to Epstein Barr.

According to the CDC, Epstein Barr affects 9/10 of adults and symptoms range from extreme fatigue to weakened immune system which lowers natural resistance and causes frequent illness.1 It’s been associated with autoimmune lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.2

“When Kim introduced me to Researched Nutritionals, I looked through the supplements in the catalogue and chose the products that seemed to make the most sense to cover all of my needs. I chose the Foundation Kit and here’s my experience of it:

“Hands down, the Foundation Kit is the way to go!”

Eve’s experience inspired me, so I’m also taking them and I feel great! I feel stronger, have A LOT more energy, and haven’t been sick since staying on these 4 products each day. I recommend this kit for everyone, but especially those who are interested in sports fitness and immune system strengthening.

The Foundation Kit comes in a box with 4 supplements: TFMI, ATP 360, CytoQuel and Tri-Fortify. You can try them separately or purchase them altogether for price break. Remember that every one of those 4 products has human clinical trials with excellent results published in peer-reviewed journals.

Here’s to stronger, younger, more vibrant living,



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