On January 3- Transform Yourself- Be part of the Detox Movement!

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It’s fulfilling to do things in groups- whether you’re exercising, traveling, or purifying! People who have meaning and purpose in their lives are happier, feel more in control, and get more out of what they do. We experience less stress, anxiety, and depression, and are acting beyond personal concerns.¹ You are at work on a vision and commitment that lights a flame that draws you and others into action.

Why not transform your body and your life by being part of the SP Detox Movement-a nationwide group challenge that begins Jan 3rd?

You can choose from our gold standard, SP Clinical Purification program-21 days

This was developed out of a need for a cleanse that would support Phase 1 and Phase ll Liver detox, as well as the other, often overlooked detox pathways of the body.

Or the vegan-friendly Plant-Powered SP Detox Balance –28 days

For daily support, sign up and join the Facebook group.

If drinking a cold shake during the heart of winter sounds too cold, drink it warm instead! Here’s my winter detox recipe:

Not ready? Not a problem. Why don’t you start with 1 container of the SP Detox Balance- my personal favorite is the non-flavored one. Drink 1 or 2 shakes a day mixed with either water or unsweetened coconut milk for a nice gentle cleanse.

¹ Stegar, M.F. (2009). Meaning in Life. In S.J. Lopez & C.R. Snyder (Eds.)Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology. NY:OxfordUniversity Press.

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