Why Marc Loves Chlorophyll Complex

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I had a chance to talk with Marc Weill of Core Care Center last week. Marc was enthusiastically sharing how our Chlorophyll Complex pearls are his #1 top-selling product. Let him tell you why and how he gets his clientele to take up to 12 pearls daily with no complaints!

Given how toxic everyone is-whether the core issue is a pathogen, stress or pain-everyone needs to detox. As a muscle tester, I use Arginex and Cataplex E to assist in ‘lowering the energetic count’ of potential pathogens. If the numbers are really high, they drop in half just by adding  Chlorophyll Complex. I usually recommend 12 a day and have a high compliance rate for taking that amount because I phrase it like this:

“Here’s what I’d like you to eat daily- 2 freshly squeezed green drinks + 4 servings of green leafy vegetables. I don’t think you have enough time to juice and buy veggies every day. Or, you can go to the expense of flying down to the Optimal Health Institute where you’ll live on sprouts and wheatgrass for 3 weeks and spend at least $1500 per week. You’ll want to get a private room so your housemates don’t have to see you getting enemas.”

No one wants to do that, so they take the Chlorophyll Complex instead. Taking 12 daily doesn’t bother them because they’re getting their green veggies and don’t feel guilty about it.  They’re also saving time and money.

Chlorophyll Complex is my #1  go-to for pain-I personally use it all of the time and it works! For dental issues, the results are almost immediate. I recently had 2 wisdom teeth, plus another tooth extracted at the same time.  After the procedure (where I was anesthetized), I never took the prescribed pain medication but chewed  Chlorophyll Complex throughout the day instead.  It worked beautifully! For all dental related issues-including inflamed gums, scraping for periodontitis, etc., I would definitely suggest Chlorophyll Complex.

I apply it topically for all rashes and irritation to the skin- including canker sores and insect bites. When I was in New York, I microwaved some chili that was in a paper container. When I grabbed it, it collapsed and I ended up with a red hot chili pepper burn on my hand-very painful!  I immediately iced it and started squeezing the contents of the Chlorophyll Complex pearls on my hand. I had zero blistering as long as I used it every 3 hours or as soon as I started to feel the pain again. After a few days, I got stupid and went to sleep without applying it. Because of that- my skin developed a huge blister right where the burn was!  I’m convinced that without Chlorophyll Complex, I would have scarred. Instead-have no scarring whatsoever!

Note from Kim: Thanks, Marc! It sounds like keeping a bottle of Chlorophyll Complex around is a great idea. Just in case you missed my blog last week, here’s another very cool ‘pain story’-it’s well worth listening to.

Also, if you don’t want to chew the capsules, here’s another way:

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