Chlorophyll: Vein of Power

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“Plan and plant for a better world” was horticulturist’s J.C. Raulston’s mantra- fondly remembered as the ‘plant evangelist’. He collected, propagated, and freely distributed millions of cuttings and seedlings to nurseries and botanical gardens from as many as 50 different countries! He was remembered as the man who had “chlorophyll in his veins”.

I think we should have Chlorophyll in our veins too-or at least its benefits coursing through our bloodstream. Here’s what makes it so powerful, especially when in its natural fat-soluble state:

1. Plants harvest energy from the sun with their light-capturing leaves- then convert this light energy into chemical energy- via chloroplasts & mitochondria.

Chloroplasts create energy with ‘molecular chaperone’ proteins. When proteins lose strength, they ‘unfold’ or unravel. The more they unravel, the more dysfunctional and weaker these proteins become. This starts a downward cycle away from healing and regeneration- veering toward aging. Chaperones from Chloroplasts galvanize the activities of folding and unfolding as well as the assembly and disassembly of other proteins, allowing them to fold into their original – and biologically desirable structure.

With age and microbial burden, our mitochondria become less efficient in converting fuel into energy. The body is trying to function with a lot less energy than it had during youth. This results in impaired digestion, metabolism, lowered immunity, impaired kidney/liver function, slower movement & weakened strength.

Mitochondria from chloroplasts convert into ATP, the ‘master energy molecule’.  By consuming plant chlorophyll pigments, we’re able to derive energy directly from sunlight. It’s as if we’re ‘outsourcing’ photosynthesis by eating greens!

2. Green plants ‘breathe in’ carbon dioxide and ‘breathe out’ oxygen & glucose through photosynthesis.

Too much Carbon dioxide is a major player in our planet’s ‘global warming’. It’s an asphyxiant- meaning it causes loss of consciousness or death by suffocation. At moderate levels, there are observable effects on your brain, such as reduced concentration and focus. Higher levels lead to central nervous system damage and respiratory deterioration. Other symptoms include headaches, dizziness, pins & needles feeling, difficulty breathing, sweating, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and convulsions.

Green plants and trees act as carbon “sinks” and significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.  As they grow, they take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into sugars through photosynthesis. In turn, tiny amounts of carbon dioxide are re-converted back into ATP. How cool is that?

Chlorophyll is remarkably similar to human plasma and similar to hemoglobin  – it transports oxygen from the lungs to other parts of your body. Chlorophyll will naturally increase blood oxygen levels- improving energy almost immediately.

So…..eat dark green veggies and run for Chlorophyll Complex perles – the only true fat-soluble Chlorophyll the way nature intended.

Mark Anderson of Standard Process West is also a man who has “Chlorophyll in his veins”. It’s been said fondly that if Mark were to bleed, his blood would be green. He is a big proponent of the Chlorophyll Complex pearls and has generously shared audio from one of his former, “Back to School for Doctors” seminars.


Thank you for a great blog post, and I might add long overdue! – I started
using SP Chlorophyll years ago and have a sense that it helps me in so many
ways. This supplement is a must-take for everyone, as most of us get very
little pure chlorophyll since our diet leaves a lot to be desired in the
eating of plants that contain this powerful substance. Although I do include
green veggies as recommended, I nevertheless truly feel like I’ve had an
extra internal cleansing every time I take my 2-3 capsules after each meal,
or the very least once daily.

Maria Atwood, CNHP

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