Chocolate & Your Bones

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I wanted to share a recent conversation that I had with Dr. Kip Hewitt of Santa Rosa, CA. regarding a patient with Osteoporosis and how we got on the topic of Chocolate.

When dealing with Osteoporosis, remember that our bones are made of protein, water, and the mineral matrix including Hydroxyapatite- this mineral matrix is found in Standard Process Calcifood Wafers. I personally chew 6 daily because it’s also excellent for hair, teeth, skin, and fingernails!

Our bones are also made of about 1/3 protein. Because of its high plant-based protein content, I’d suggest the Veg E Pro in either Chocolate or Vanilla. In addition to the Calcifood wafers, I use up to 3 servings of Chocolate Veg E Pro daily in almond milk as a way of supporting my bones.

Kip had asked the question about why you need to use 4 scoops of the Veg E Pro vs the 2 scoops in the SP Complete. Here’s why: Veg E Pro has 5 more grams of protein and it is all vegetable protein which is less concentrated than our other whey-based proteins -therefore the need for more scoops.

My personal favorite way to take this is mixing it with unsweetened plain almond milk and putting it in the shaker bottle. When mixed, I put it in the refrigerator which will give it a very silky smooth flavor. I have two of these jars in my refrigerator at all times and reach for this as an excellent source of plant-based protein.

Kip had asked about ipriflavone, which is an isoflavone isolated from soy-based products and recommended for Osteoporosis. Any of our products containing Alfalfa, including Organically Bound Minerals would be an excellent source. Aerial parts of alfalfa contain isoflavones (Genistein glucoside), phytoestrogens & triterpene glycosides including the anti-oxidant tricin. These chemical compounds have generated much interest as a possible treatment for oxidized LDL and as an adaptogenic effect proposed to increase the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue.

For more about bone health, be sure to check out my webinar:

To thrive in life, you need 3 bones: A wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.

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