How Chiropractors Revolutionized Influenza Treatment in 1918

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1918 Flu Epidemic and Chiropractic Care: The 3 Great Survival Factors

Michael Dolan of Dolan Chiropractic in Santa Rosa, California, shared an interesting piece of information with us regarding chiropractors. In the midst of the overwhelming media coverage that often spreads fear, anxiety, and depression about the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is wise to take a closer look at the positive aspects of previous influenza events.

“Chiropractors got fantastic results with  influenza patients while those under medical care died like flies all around.” “Statistics reflect a most amazing, almost miraculous state of affairs. The medical profession was practically helpless with the flu victims but chiropractors seemed able to do no wrong.

“In Davenport, Iowa, 50 medical doctors treated 4,953 cases, with 274 deaths. In the same city, 150 chiropractors including students and faculty of the Palmer School of Chiropractic, treated 1,635 cases with only one death.”

“In the state of Iowa, medical doctors treated 93,590 patients, with 6,116 deaths – a loss of one patient out of every 15. In the same state, excluding Davenport, 4,735 patients were treated by chiropractors with a loss of only 6 cases – a loss of one patient out of every 789.

This is what opened up state licensure for Chiropractors!! It’s a great reminder that our Chiropractors are Essential Health Care providers. You are our rockstars and we thank you for keeping your offices open and your patients healthy. 

Business tip:  This may be information that you’ll want to email out to all of your patients to remind them of how critical it is to take care of their health and well being with chiropractic during this time. You can read the entire article here: 1918 Influenza Epidemic and Chiropractic Care

By examining the history of influenza outbreaks, we can gain valuable insights into how communities have successfully dealt with similar challenges in the past. This can help us identify effective strategies and approaches to combat the current pandemic.

It is important to remember that even in the face of a crisis, there are always lessons to be learned and opportunities for growth. By focusing on the positive aspects and seeking out successful precedents, we can find hope and inspiration in the midst of uncertain times.

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Recognizing the positive outcomes achieved by chiropractors in contrast to the challenges faced by the medical profession, we can appreciate the significance of chiropractic care as an essential healthcare service. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the topic, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, we can navigate through these challenging times with knowledge and proactive healthcare approaches.

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