Arthritis Success Stories

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Faune Towery, LAc of Napa Acupuncture Practice shares her success stories with arthritis

Faune Towery, LAc at Napa Acupuncture Practice wants to talk with you for a minute about her arthritis success stories.

One guy, I’m trying to keep him from having a hip replacement, and my mother and I have pins and plates in my ankle, so I have arthritis in my ankle, and it just causes me pain. I can’t do certain exercises, and if I walk too much, it gets worse. So I put myself on it first, and I started, and I was like, “Wow, this is really helping.” I’m not having as much pain, and then I put a couple of patients on it, and everyone, five out of five, has been remarkably improved. They’re like, “What is this stuff?” It’s helping with pain, ringing in the ears, cold sores, and any exacerbation of chronic conditions they’re having. Everyone is improving with it, to the point where my mom lives in Michigan, and it rains, and whenever it rains, her arthritis gets worse. She’s like, “Faune, I know this is working because it’s been raining for three days, and I don’t hurt as much as I usually hurt.” Usually, not only would she hurt, but she would hurt worse because it’s raining. So the fact that she’s not hurting as much and it’s raining is extra good. She took forever to start it because she wanted to do it slowly, so she only took one pill over the first week, and it’s taken her forever to get here. This is the first week she’s done the full protocol, and she’s really excited. The only complaint I’ve had is that it’s a lot of pills, which is why I like the Calcifood Wafers for this because you get to chew those. But some people don’t like the way they taste, so then I just switch out a little bit of how many Artemisinin and how many Calcifers, etc. Three of everything, so I have them do the Artemisinin one week on, one week off. Everything is three, two times a day. Three Artemisinin, three Betacol, three Boswelia Complex, and then three of the Calcifoods. Four of the Ostarplex. They take it twice a day.

Every single case of Arthritis is better served by addressing old infections. Why? Tune in here:

These 5 patients of Faune’s have been on Artemisinin Complex, which addresses this, and look at the results!

“I saw someone yesterday who has been on the protocol for about 6 weeks and she saw her MD. She has a significant ridge in her toenail and the MD told her that her body is clearing some infection or virus and that’s what is causing her nail ridge (almost like she is growing a new nail to get rid of nail fungus!).
We were both thrilled and the MD didn’t know she was using any herbs but the proof was there for him to see. Yay!”

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