Why Use Standard Process Calcium

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Even though calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, many of us are deficient. This may be a result of Limited absorption of calcium (a source too difficult to digest) or insufficient hydrochloric acid which enhances calcium absorption. Common subjective indications of Calcium need are: muscle cramps at rest, frequent nose bleeds, frequent infections, rashes, sunburn, hives, and soft fingernails. 

Hypocalcemia, commonly known as calcium deficiency disease, occurs when calcium levels in the blood are low. A long-term deficiency can lead to dental changes, cataracts, alterations in the brain, and osteoporosis. [What happens when calcium levels are low?]

You’ll be able to ‘demystify’ our Calcium products but also have a much better understanding as to why they work so well.

Here’s what Dr. W. Friedman had to say about the webinar:

I watched your presentation on calcium on your youtube channel the other day. It was great! Really well done! I have been asking SP representatives what is the purpose of Calsol for over 40 years, and I have never gotten a clear answer. No one has ever had a good explanation. Only the vaguest of answers which suggested that they were just reading the product description back to me. After watching your video, I feel like I understand the purpose of this product, and how it fits into the SP line for the very first time! I really appreciate the info! Plus, I learned a lot about your other calcium products.

– Dr. W. Friedman

And here’s a cool story from Lisa Herndon FDN regarding Calcium Lactate:

“I keep a baggie of calcium lactate and Cramplex in my purse. If I’m having a leg cramp, I take 2 Calcium Lactate to 1 Cramplex. It’s usually gone within a few minutes. If not, I repeat. I also give it to my daughter for her period cramps. They’re usually gone within 20- 30 minutes. I also suggest this for headaches.”

– Lisa Herndon

Thanks Lisa! It’s great to share these successes, so please keep them coming!

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