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Valerie Ozsu of Natural Health & Wellness Center

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Valerie Ozsu MSN, CNM, NP of “Natural Health & Wellness Center”  shared a recent success story that, with her permission, wanted to open to the rest of you. I’ve known and enjoyed Valerie’s company over the years, and always enjoy learning something from her. Thanks for your contributions, Valerie!

a person with her hands on her head - Valerie Ozsu of Natural Health & Wellness Center

Awesome Hair Loss / Regrowth Success story:

This is a patient of mine who is a dispatch responder for a local police department-which means she’s a shift worker with an extremely high amount of stress.  As with each patient, I go through their history in great detail- I take their temperature, blood pressure, and perform the Calcium cuff test. In addition, I check Nitric Oxide levels and run the Heart Rate Variability machine. I also give each patient a food log so that they can become very aware of their eating patterns and how these habits are affecting their health. Each patient’s first visit is up to 3 hours. 

She came to see me because of hair loss. She was saving her hair that was coming loose just from shampooing. She’d roll it up into a ball and bring it with her in plastic baggies! These ‘hairballs’ were originally the size of quarters. They’re now less than the size of a dime. In spite of her incredibly stressful job, she has more hair growth and is sleeping well. If you’re at all familiar with shift workers-this is a very difficult task due to impaired circadian rhythms.

I put her on MediHerb Rhodiola Ginseng to help with the stressors of work and environment.  I put her on Adrenal support due to failed Ragland Stress Test. No surprise but her Thyroid including Hashimoto’s also needed to be addressed. Nutritional support also included  Standard Process Thytrophin pmgCal Ma + (to also support her parathyroid gland), DrenaminSuper EFFMultizymeSpanish black radishLivaplexMinTranTuna Omega 3Medi Herb Gut Flora Complex, Restorative Formulations Thyroid PX, bio botanicals biocidin and high amounts of Vitamin D.

Within two months, her hair loss is 75% reduced! In my clinical observation, Thyroid issues can be caused or aggravated by cardiac, liver, adrenals, and the gut-so these always need to be looked at and addressed.

The majority of my patients come from referrals and they include men, women, and children.  My specialty is hormone balancing (especially thyroid) and cardiac health.  I’m certified in ART, NRT and MFT muscle testing, IFNH and Wilson’s Thyroid.

Thank you, Valerie! You’ve got some very cool tools that are hard to find, and a fountainhead of information!


Sadly, Valerie Ozsu passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, August 17, 2021. You can read her obituary and offer your condolences here.

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