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Dawn Dolan of Rejuvenation and Well Being

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I recently went into the office of David Anderson DC of Santa Rosa, CA. When looking at his Top 10 product reports for Standard Process and MediHerb products, I noticed that they were nearly identical to Dawn Dolan’s top 10 best sellers. So I had to ask him if he knew Dawn Dolan or was working with her. His daughter said, “Oh yes! Our entire family goes to see her. We’re all feeling so much better that we send our patients to her as well”. Then, she started introducing me to some of their patients, and I must say- Dawn, they love you and they love Standard Process! Thank you for all that you do!

Here’s what one very happy customer of both Dawn and Dr. Anderson had to say:

Over the years, I’ve had other doctors tell me “I want to be just like Dawn Dolan” because they have experienced her unique blend of muscle testing (AIT, MFT, NRT, CRA), and the power of taking Standard Process and MediHerb supplements. Dawn is an inspiring example of providing help to other practitioners as well as her own clientele. She never hesitates to help those in need.

Dawn’s practice is 100% referral based! She has a website, but people don’t find her that way. There’s no search engine driving people to find her. It’s word of mouth only, and her website is used to educate those who want to know more about her before scheduling an appointment. There, they’ll see her newsletters, mission statement, and a video explaining the work that she does.

What Sets Dawn Dolan Apart

She said, “That’s a better question for my clients- I’m just being myself. I have a thick book of testimonials-the results speak for themselves. I’m also very present with people. I do use more than muscle testing for diagnostics. I have the Systems Survey plus an extensive intake form. I also have a background in eastern medicine. I look at the body, skin, eyes, how people move. I use the Heart Rate Variability monitor – developed by Russian scientists for their athletes, to keep them in peak performance. I’m also starting to incorporate the Heart Sound Recorder – which all of Standard Process original products were tested on to keep the body running at its full potential.”

Dawn Dolan’s Top Sellers

Your top sellers have remained pretty consistent since January with – LivaplexSuper EFFEpimune and Multizyme– why are they your favorites? I’d especially like to know about the Super EFFEpimune and Multizyme

Dawn’s reply: You need to give the proper nutrients to enhance the body’s immune efficiency.  Epimune provides the needed nutrients for an increased immune function but the body often needs additional ATP to run this system.  I use Super EFF for this energy.  It is also necessary to consider supporting the exit routes such as phase 2 liver detox – Livaplex is great for this or Livco may be preferred by vegetarians.

A Recent Success Story

Here’s a recent “Rejuvenation and Well Being Success Story” Dawn would like to share with you…

“There was a 13-year-old boy who came in last summer with damage to the bone in one of his knees, which was very painful and showed severe damage on an MRI. He had heavy bone turnover caused by a viral infection. I put him on a program to rebuild the bone and to address the virus. 2 months later when the MD reexamined him, the damage was nearly clear – his body had received what was needed and was healing itself. He was doing so much better that his parents decided he didn’t need the nutrition anymore and stopped. Shortly thereafter, all symptoms came back. He returned to me on crutches. This time the parents decided to stay on the program until he tested clear, and he’s now doing very well.”

Dawn, through all of these years and now through some of our most challenging historical times-you, are a shining example of keeping your doors open, helping others in need, and being wildly successful. Nicely done and thank you!!

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