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Abby Malmstrom MS, ACN and Patient Direct

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Abby Malmstrom MS, ACN of Trainer In Your Back Pocket shared what I thought was a very creative way to help children while increasing nutritional awareness and boost sales. Here’s how:

She created a Virtual Kids’ Holistic Wellness Summit whose main goal is to beef up her nutrition clientele (and sales) through a Kids Nutrition Pack of SP products that she recommends all mamas keep in their “health cabinet!”

“I started using Patient Direct in January. I love it since my practice is mostly virtual and my clients are all across the country. I love how Patient Direct does all the reports and record-keeping of the sales/sales tax. That makes one less thing to worry about, so I can focus my energy on helping my clients, not on how to log their sales tax from different cities and states around the country!”

– Abby Malmstrom

Abby, we look forward to more of these creative ideas from you and keep up the good work. 

A side note on Patient Direct- we recently were able to set up an all-vegetarian version of Patient Direct for Pam Levin RN, so please let me know if you have any special needs-we might be able to create personalized templates for you.

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