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Claudia Weitkemper of Natural Healing Ways

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Dawna recently had the opportunity to meet with Claudia Weitkemper, a renowned expert in natural healing and founder of Natural Healing Ways. During their meeting, they engaged in an in-depth discussion regarding Claudia’s extensive practice and the wide range of holistic offerings she provides to her clients. This enlightening conversation shed light on Claudia’s expertise and the valuable insights she shared with Dawna. Here’s a glimpse into Dawna’s enriching experience:

I have met some exceptional people along my journeys of healing and Higher Light Vibration, and I immediately was impressed with Claudia’s energy. Our bond was almost instant! How could I NOT be impressed!? Claudia is a published author who received her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture in Oakland, CA, her Naturopathic Doctorate from Munich, Germany, and her nursing degree in Wuppertal, Germany.

Claudia Weitkemper of Natural Healing Ways

Interview with Claudia Weitkemper

Claudia Weitkemper specializes in Acupuncture, Women’s health, endocrinology, anxiety, depression, emotions, insomnia, fertility, rejuvenation, DNA reprogramming.

What Claudia Offers

Her offerings include Spirit Coaching, a 6-month program called “Evolve for Peace,” Clearing Emotional Blocks, Right Guidance, and Empowerment for Self-Healing. In addition, she provides services such as Amp coil and Crystal Bed therapy. Her approach focuses on addressing the holistic needs of the body.

Some of Claudia’s Favorite Top Selling Standard Process and Medi Herb Products

Immuplex, Congaplex and Herbal Throat Spray Phytosynergist are her top three selling items, but here are some of her favorites: The 21 Day Purification with Veg E Pro Vanilla, SP Cleanse, Drenamin, Epimune, Prosynbiotic, Adrenal Complex, Chaste Tree, and Colax.

How Shelter in Place Has Affected Claudia’s Business

Acupuncture has declined, but her coaching has really picked up! Tele-Medicine is really the way of the future and feels right! This has been a good thing and has forced her to move towards her coaching program.

office of Claudia Weitkemper

Claudia’s Burning Desire

Claudia envisions building a community healing space in the country. This space would not only serve as a residence but also offer healing retreats and sustainable living, complete with chickens, sheep, and a beautiful garden.

Something No One Knows About Claudia

At the age of 16, Claudia bought needles and golden seal and practiced acupuncture on herself. She also enjoys dancing, traveling, and visiting hot springs in the wild.

Claudia’s Keys to Success

Claudia believes that her key to success is showing up with a full heart, being open, and listening attentively with love for each individual. She sees herself as a vessel through which healing can flow from a Higher Source.

Claudia takes great joy in successfully coaching and guiding women aged 39-42 to achieve full-term pregnancies. The happiness of new mothers is a rewarding aspect of her work.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Claudia Weitkemper and her holistic offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you on your journey to holistic wellness and self-empowerment.

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