In the absence of Gut Flora Complex

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I think we’d agree that we all LOVE Medi Herb Gut Flora Complex and are saddened by the temporary loss of this amazing product!

Unfortunately, the manufacturing facility suffered a blaze which resulted in the destruction of a large number of Gut Flora Complex capsules. MediHerb had also provided a large amount of raw materials for the next manufacturing batch which was also unfortunately destroyed.

Fortunately, MediHerb has some excellent choices that will be beautiful. In the meantime, here’s the replacement “recipe”  for Gut Flora Complex:

2 Garlic Forte + 2 Berberine Active

Traditionally, Kerry Bone has recommended taking 1 Milk Thistle Forte (keeps berberine bioavailable) when you want the benefits of Berberine in the entire body, but in this particular case, you’ll be having Berberine work its magic in the gut only. Therefore, there’s no need to use the Milk Thistle Forte unless a little extra Liver support is desired.

Other great substitutes for Gut Flora Complex would also include:

Ethanol vs Methanol and Acetate

Medi Herb uses Ethanol to extract the phytonutrients from plants. It took years for Kerry Bone to develop Turmeric Forte because of the toxic solvents that are commonly used to extract Turmeric.  The most common approaches that are used by nearly every company are the use of acetone and methanol in a 35% extract of Turmeric. Kerry Bone insisted on ethanol alcohol only and  at 40% because it leaves no toxic residues behind. MediHerb only uses ethanol and water because it’s purer. MediHerb is the only company that uses this unique 40% ethanol extract- they purchase 100% of what’s available.

If you don’t understand how to read the label, another product may look stronger, but not in the context of clinical efficacy. What they’re using is a cheaper 35% methanol/acetone extract and acetone is flammable!

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