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Residual Income with Standard Process Patient Direct

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I just received this enthusiastic email from Sarah Loren of Ukiah Nutrition & Wellness Center:


I just received a check from SP for $1855.00 for July’s patient direct. I love this! I am moving more towards Patient Direct. I love the energy I save having less phone chats when patients want to reorder. I’m going to start visualizing $2k per month minimum in patient direct!

And as a side note between you and me, the great thing about this was that $1855 was from all old patients who rarely/never come in for office visits. I still made my regular salary with my in-patient office visits for everyone coming through the doors who physically took all their supplements home with them. THAT is what I love about patient direct. I see it as residual income. I don’t give it to current patients who are brand new. I give it to my old-timers who know what they love, they know how to use the supplements, and when I can intuitively sense they are ready to cut back on office visits, that’s when I hand them patient direct so they can continue their health care when they are inspired.

Happy Monday!

Residual Income with Standard Process Patient Direct

Thanks for sharing this Sarah!  This service from Standard Process makes things so much easier, especially if you’re a “one-man/one-woman show” that’s trying to do it all by yourself. Standard Process takes your patient’s order, credit card information, ships them the product, notifies you of who ordered and what, and then sends you a nice fat check once a month. Registering for Patient Direct costs nothing and you can sign up with this link.

Sarah also mentioned that she follows the Morningstar report and a few top financial advisors, and many mention the importance of having residual income. This monetary surplus is so important for our financial health. Contact me if you have any questions or would like to learn more about Patient Direct.

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