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Bridging Over the Troubled Waters of Backorders

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Due to multiple complications of a pandemic, the international supply chain for so much of what we use every day seems to have come to a screeching halt. This includes some cherished Standard Process and MediHerb products that we’ve come to depend upon.

In order to help you navigate smoothly through this jumbled state of affairs, I’ll be providing our Current ‘Out of Stock ‘ list each month, which will give you details on why a product is temporarily unavailable,  and when you can expect to see it again. Sometimes, our shortage is temporary- due to a bottle upgrading to a larger size-such as MediHerb 40 tablets morphing into a more economical 60 tab size.

If the website allows you to order a product even while on backorder, I’d urge you to order products NOW so that when they are back in our warehouse, you’ll be among the first to receive them.  I can provide a list of your top-selling products so that you can keep extra stock of what you need to minimize the loss of product. I can also help provide a substitute that’s readily available until we can get your favorites back in your hands.

View our most recent backorder list and send me an email if you’d like your top-selling products chart.

Standard Process is unique in that it organically grows 85% of the finished product in some of the best soil on the planet! Anything that we need to bring in is done so from the very highest-rated family-run companies. Still- 35% of what we order doesn’t show up or shows up late due to material & labor shortage- and increased transportation costs.

That being said, we will give you our all!

Did you know?

Our soil is so rich in nutrients that it’s naturally moist. Our crops are watered only 2 or 3 days per season. If you water too much, plants are lazy-and plants will provide a healthier yield if they receive no water at all.  Too much water makes roots stay close to the surface- and the deeper roots go, the more mineral-rich they become.  On the outside chance that they are watered, they’re spritzed with our own artesian well water.

Learn more from Christine Mason, the SP Farm manager on Organic Farming. (you’ll need to sign in to see this)

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