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How many of us take care of our family members by just putting a little container with some pills out for them to take with meals? Well, Dawna does! Here’s how she uses Standard Process with her whole family – pets included!

I’ve been feeding my husband Jeff Standard Process and MediHerb protocols for years now!

He is always compliant in taking the many pills, as he has seen the results, especially with his horrible sinus and allergy issues. We’ve also worked on prostate, male endocrine, weight loss, cognition, but the most impactful for him recently has been the anti-inflammatory and pain relief he received from Turmeric Forte. He overworked his forearms and was very uncomfortable, so I started feeding him two Turmeric Forte tablets twice daily.

Not just for humans!

I also feed our animals Standard Process. Right now, our 15-year-old Golden Retriever is on Thymex and Wheat Germ Oil

We thought it was Sunny’s ‘time’ to cross the Rainbow bridge just a few weeks ago. I discovered a huge tumor in Sunny’s throat and began feeding him handfuls of Thymex. The dog is running around like a little puppy now! The swelling is down by 80%! The wheat germ oil was for the bald spot on his tail, which is now gone! 

Magic Yellow Pills

So of course, Thymex was stuck in Jeffs’s head at this point as he prepares for a trip to Nebraska to see his kids. Jeff went to Nebraska to visit his son Samuel. So, Samuel is all of 26 years old and has horrible shoulder pain and inflammation. Samuels wife has awful allergies and sinus issues! These kids aren’t even in their 30’s yet! Jeff was SO HAPPY to share his success story of how these products have helped him. 

Jeff calls me from Nebraska and said he told Samuel all about the remarkable bright yellow tablets called Thymex! I of course corrected him and reminded him that the correct name for those magic yellow pills would be Turmeric Forte! Of course, I sent the kids a new large bottle of this magical supplement, along with Sinus Forte and Albizia. 

All is well in the young Weiss household, and Jeff now knows the name of his magical yellow pills! Turmeric Forte!

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