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Carla Rudolph Loves Patient Direct

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Carla Rudolph DC of Newport Chiro Care in San Carlos, CA had this tip to share with you about Patient Direct.

Carla Rudolph

“I LOVE Patient Direct! I just received a $500 check from Standard Process. It’s making things so much easier to help my patients and manage our inventory.  So far, we’ve only mentioned Patient Direct to clientele that are calling to place a product order, but our next step will be an email communication. 

Step 1: Get things started

We already had registered for Patient Direct and had received our code, which is your first step too.

Step 2: Let your patients know about it

When patients were calling in to place an order, I had my assistant give them our code so that they could go directly to and register for special entry using that code.

We’ve got our options with an email template that Standard Process and other health care practitioners such as Kip Hewitt and Ted Ray have provided. Click here to view the templates.

Step 3: Approve them

You’ll receive an email notification that they’ve requested access and you’ll just need to grant permission via that confirmation email back to Standard Process.”

A patient has partial access to portions of what a doctor can look at when logging in-

The shopping cart, the product detail sheets, clinical studies, etc. These are excellent tools to better understand the WHY behind your recommendations, and explore other products that may be of interest to them such as our Veterinarian line. 

Patients do not have access to the videos, MH professional library, digital assets, webinars, or your price.

You, as their doctor can have the option of limiting their access to only a few products should that suit your needs. The final decision is up to you. I’ve given them full access to the Standard Process, Medi Herb, and Veterinarian line.

Please remember not to post your code to the general public on your website-this service is meant to nurture your relationship with existing patients while helping to foster relationships with new patients.

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