Wrong Side of the Label

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Have you ever run across this question? “I have a patient taking a lot of herbs who for whatever reason, thinks the herbs from the grocery store are just as good. What’s the best way to educate him”?

I wouldn’t fret, especially if they’ve already started on MediHerb products. All it takes is downgrading to a substitute- they almost always come running back because it didn’t work! Here’s why:

They’re reading the wrong side of the label! Rather than the right side (which is what we typically do), start with the far left side which tells you the starting amount of herb. MediHerb tablets are initially made from an herbal liquid concentrate with the full-bodied potency of what’s used successfully in clinical trials.

A classic example is MediHerb Artemisinin Cx:

a bottle of MediHerb Artemisinin Complex
standard process label

The most a gelatin capsule can hold is 400  to 500 mg of dried powdered herb or <1/2 gram. Medi Herb tablets are different-they’re made from an energetically powerful liquid concentrate.  In this case, each MH tablet contains 8.0g or 8,000 mg Artemisia Annua + 800 mg Sarsaparilla= a total of 8,800 mg per tablet, which is 16-22x’s stronger than the capsule!

It’s not just the potency, but the herb and its active components are critical to understand. In this case, the active ingredient is Artemisinin at 40 mg per tablet. You see how hard it is to extract- the magic is found within that  ½% of the original dried herb. The great majority of products named Artemisia Annua claiming to be a source of Artemisinin were tested and contained none!

True Artemisinin contains the Peroxide bridge, which provides the body a compound with destructive activity against viruses, yeast, and parasites, and bacteria. There is extensive evidence that it’s active against RNA and DNA viruses. Artemisinin must contain the critical anti-viral flavonoids and essential oils-the whole herb extract is the only form that accomplishes this.  Once you experience Artemisinin Cx magic, you’ll be hooked!

Here’s why Simon thinks you should try Artemisinin Complex:

Here’s why Faune thinks you should try it:


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