In-person study groups starting Nov 8th- Sprains, Strains, and Sports Injuries

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Approximately 60% of all adults beginning at the age of 18 to the age of 64 are considered completely sedentary. They have inactive jobs and spend more than 14 hours each day sitting on various types of chairs (couches, office chairs, car seats, etc.). According to the World Health Organization statistics, a further 20% of all adults do a little bit of daily movement, but not enough to maintain health. Whoa!!!

As a former triathlete and cyclist- these days I try to be an ‘everyday athlete’, meaning regular hiking, biking, running, or swimming. However, if you have an injury, you find yourself temporarily stopped. During this time, it’s important to give your ligaments, muscles, and tendons everything possible for them to recover fully.

I’ll be teaching 2 in-person study groups on “Sprains, Strains and Sports Injuries” on the following dates. There is no charge but registration is requested for your notes and reminders.

Systems Survey

Sharone, Jessica Pollard, and I recently enjoyed having dinner with Dale and Stephanie Mortenson of Russian Hill Chiropractic. He shared that he started the nutritional portion of his practice with an online version of the Systems Survey Form. The System Survey is a wonderful tool that can easily be implemented to identify what body systems may not be functioning at their best and which nutritional products can help.

If you are looking to increase your bottom line by boosting the nutritional aspect of your practice, please join Amy Dilena for an in-person study group on Thursday, Dec 9th from 1-2 pm at her beautiful home office in Petaluma. There is no charge but an RSVP is requested due to limited space.

Having a comprehensive patient intake form allows you to establish a baseline and create visual progress of your own and your patient’s health.

This will be a continuation of her initial discussion. If you’ve missed it, keep an eye out for her webinar that you’ll be able to watch before her Part 2 System Survey Study group on Dec 9th.

Walk, run, hike or swim the talk,


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