Our Sinuses, Tinnitus, and Our Central Nervous System

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Our heart strength is intimately connected to how we inhale and exhale. Our breathing is controlled by our central nervous system- as well as brain stem in response to CO2 levels. If we have severe congestion and aren’t breathing well- as in the case of sinusitis- our ‘sinus rhythm’ is disrupted- feeling like a heart “flutter” or rapid heartbeat.1

Healthy sinuses will allay most infections immediately, but this defense mechanism is impaired in the presence of too many microbial pathogens. Our sinuses then become enlarged, swollen, and packed with mucus. This drives viruses/fungi/bacteria deeper into the body tissues of lungs, bronchi, and other areas.

Your sinus cavities and ears are interconnected systems, so congestion in the sinuses eventually blocks the Eustachian Tube that regulates pressure within the ear. If pressure builds, this exacerbates tinnitus.

Once microbial contamination reaches the deeper tissues of the body, other organs & glands are involved, especially the liver and adrenals. Essentially, the entire immune system mobilizes to resolve the infection that the sinuses could not. Asthma may develop in time.

New thinking on Sinusitis is that the microbial culprit sneaks from our sinus cavity into the CNS through the ‘back door’- creating neurological complications2, and eventually Multiple Sclerosis!

Allergy medication is consistently among the top five best-selling drugs. Many of the drugs used are unhealthy. They start nose bleeds, dry your mouth, and give you nightmares. This is a case where the “cure” could potentially be worse than the original problem! Benzodiazepines, commonly prescribed for depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders are considered respiratory depressants.3

Our Sinuses, Tinnitus, and Our Central Nervous System

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