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Increase Your Passive Income

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If you’ve ever heard of Robert Kiyosaki-author of “Rich Dad/Poor Dad”, you’ll be familiar with the phrase ‘Passive Income’. It’s one of the keys to time and financial freedom because you’re no longer paid for your efforts alone.

Here’s how Standard Process teams with you to increase your residual income: Our website gives the general public a way to quickly search for practitioners in their area that sell Standard Process.

They type in the zip code, then will see a populated list of practitioners closest to their zip code. They’ll have the opportunity to contact you or order directly from your website if you qualify for a special program called inSITE.

Patient Direct is another great way to create Passive Income-whether you’re just getting started or planning for retirement. You’ll need to create your own PD code (with Standard Process at no cost) and let your patients have that. Since you’ll not be able to display your PD code on your website, there are plenty of other creative ways to do so.

A Smarter Business Card

Let me introduce you to a very smart young doctor- Max Moore of “Portola Valley Chiropractic”. He’ll show you how he easily introduces his clientele to Patient Direct with a QR code. By scanning their phone to the QR code, it takes them instantly to the site where they can register for Patient Direct under your particular practice. They place the order, Standard Process does the rest, and presents you with a check or direct deposit each month. Max, take it away, please!

Max has generously provided a copy of his business card and the QR code already generated for you. He has his business cards printed through Vista Print.

Here’s what his finished business card looks like:

A million thanks, Max!! If you’d like to know more about inSITE or Patient Direct, just reach out.

Here’s to Brilliance in Action,

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