MediHerb’s LivCo now in Capsule form!

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MediHerb has earned a stellar reputation for its’ highest-potency activated herbal tablets. In the spirit of continuous & never-ending improvement, they’ve now found a way to provide that same high potency for the small percentage of people that react to excipients such as maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin is used to coat/prevent tablets from falling apart and is generally recognized as safe for all-including celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. For the small percentage of the population respond to it anyway, MediHerb has found a way to provide the same powerful formulation- now in a capsule!

Please don’t confuse it with potentially contaminated dried herbs, which are far weaker in life force. It always starts from the right part of the plant and is compounded into  a galenical liquid extract at very low temperatures.¹

In each LivCo capsule, you get the equivalent of 1,000 mg Schisandra fruit, 500 mg Rosemary leaf, and 2380 mg of Milk Thistle Seed for an herbal total of nearly 4,000 mg per capsule! At a glance, they provide:

  • Schisandra (anti-microbial, blood sugar/lipid metabolism/phase 1 & 2 liver support)²
  • Rosemary stops erosion of acetylcholine (memory and prevention of brain plaque/fat-soluble anti-oxidant)³
  • Milk Thistle seed (liver/gallbladder/brain/heavy alcohol use)⁴

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