Hangover Helpers

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New Year’s Eve is upon us and, yes, many of us will explode fireworks and perhaps down some alcohol. This year especially has seen an increase in the daily consumption of alcohol and all of the health concerns that go with it. 

Though alcohol is the obvious culprit behind a hangover, it’s not always the alcohol alone. Its diuretic or dehydrating effects actually cause most hangover symptoms. So, keeping hydrated can go a long ways toward decreasing the chances of a lousy day following. 

Our body pays the price for choices we make, good or bad- so be aware of your options! Here’s a great article that goes in depth a little further: Hangovers: Self-Inflicted Suffering!

Here’s what to have around to keep yourself well hydrated:

A-C Carbamide

A-C Carbamide - hangover helpers

A-C Carbamide can move water into the cells, thus hydrating them and reducing the duration of the hangover. A-C Carbamide is a fluid regulator and helps normalize the cell membrane, whether it’s retaining too much water or is dehydrated. A-C Carbamide can also help with cleaning up the debris from cell die-off.

Arginex and Livaplex

Here are several reviews that speak for themselves!

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