Feed the Beasts: Supplements for Pets

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orange tabby cat beside fawn short coated puppy

Who doesn’t have a beloved 4-legged furry family member? As practitioners we spend so much on our own supplements and good food, why wouldn’t we treat our pets the same way? Well, Dawna does! Here’s a look at how she uses Standard Process products for her pets.

Sunny is a 93lb 12-year-old Golden Retriever, and he suffered from what’s called Stud Tail. He had the equivalent to a bald man’s comb-over at the base of his beautiful tail. I started feeding him a few pearls of Standard Process Wheat Germ Oil every day and within a few months, his hair grew back and then some! He loves his vitamin time now, and every time I go to get mine, there he is! He knows the sound of the bottles rattling around. 

Muffin, my 12lb male cat was a rescue with some issues. I put him on the Enteric Support and Whole Body Support from the Standard Process Veterinary line and he’s doing well! Let’s just say the cat box no longer has the unbearable stink it used to.

Stella is also a rescue kitty, and she just LOVES Thymex! It’s a sweet little treat for her! She’s not at all interested in the SP Vet line, she wants the people supplements and must be watched at all times when I’m getting mine put together for the week. She has been known to jump up on the counter and steal tablets from my weekly rations!

Always be careful and watch your pets around your Standard Process products, they are made from the finest products and make for a super tasty treat if left unattended!

Note from Kim: We have fabulous Veterinary support for any of our furry friend questions with Jody, our Veterinary Support Technician. Here’s how to reach her:

Immune support for all pets

Jody Griffiths, CVT



You can also reach out to me as well if you have any questions.

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