Endangered Species

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Our Healthy Gut Bacteria

When you think of endangered species, does an animal come to your mind such as a Rhinoceros or Gorilla? You may want to also add your own healthy bacteria to this endangered species list. 

In truth, most of us are starving our microbial selves- which in essence, is most of our being. Scientifically, we’re considered walking bacterial colonies- with our own unique collection of bacteria influencing everything from the quality of our stools, metabolism, aging, obesity, inflammation, moods & behavior right up to Autoimmune disease. 

“Over time, we’re losing valuable members of our bacterial community,” says Justin Sonnenburg, a microbiologist at Stanford University who has been studying the microbiome for well over a decade. 

Once you start starving your bacteria, they have to eat something-so they start eating YOU! This healthy biome ‘starvation diet’ begins with low fiber, high animal/unhealthy fats, and just the right blend of pathogens including viruses, fungi, and parasites. When pharmaceuticals are added into the mix, especially antibiotics, NSAIDs, steroids, and hormones-then you’ve really got a ‘good bacteria killing machine’ in play.

Dr. Ghannoum is a tenured Professor and Director of the Center for Medical Mycology at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Medical Center is the Co-founder of BIOHM microbiome test kit-the gold standard for testing our microbial selves. 

He recently taught a webinar and should be available on the Standard Process website in the near future. You’ll find it under Education On-Demand once it’s available.

Here’s a great resource to educate yourself and your patients on this service.

It’s Guidance for Good Gut Health

Why has Standard Process partnered with BIOHM?

  • BIOHM uses the 16S and ITS rRNA sequencing for microbiome analysis — the gold standard for bacterial and fungal sequencing
  • BIOHM uses validated and standardized testing methods from 100+ research studies
  • They provide easy-to-understand reports based on well-established research
  • They have completed thousands of consumer gut microbiome tests
  • They have recognized expertise in bacterial and fungal interactions

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