Brielle Kelly & SP Detox Balance

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Brielle Kelly

Brielle Kelly, DAc, Dipl.O.M., L.Ac. of Yinfinite Wellness and I were visiting the other day and she shared this very cool success story about SP Detox Balance and her 13-year-old son:

Since the first part of our video conversation was cut off, let me share her introduction. Her 13-year-old twin boy was experiencing such severe emotional issues that not only was he was having difficulty in school, the local authorities were called.

In desperation, Brielle ran a Zyto scan on him. His #1 priority was for SP Detox Balance. His hormones were so abundant in puberty that the burden on the liver was unsurmountable (just like in pregnancy). SO, the pubescent liver needed some help and got it quickly. In only 4 days time, everything started to shift for the better, and now Brielle feels like they’re a family again!

Each person’s Zyto scan will be different. For her son, it was SP Detox Balance, which made perfect sense to Brielle, especially since his symptoms started after all of the California fires with Particulate Matter being especially high.

I personally start my day with 1 shake of  SP Detox Balance original flavor for a gentle daily detox and a rich, dairy-free, high-quality plant protein powerhouse! It will feed your gut good foods of short-chain fatty acids to get your day off to a rip-roaring start. These special fatty acids help with ‘mitochondrial function’ which in turn helps the body to generate energy, balance blood sugar, and keep us ‘regular’. Our Brain, heart, and liver rely on a steady supply of readily available plant-based protein- especially important with surgery, injury, or Infection but needed daily. 

Our SP Detox Balance/21 Day Purification Facebook challenge will be starting January 4, 2021. You’ll all have a chance to participate in this very cool event, and I wanted to let you know to look for it. 

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