The Role of Herbal Agents in Immune Resilience

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Highlights from the MediHerb Virtual Masterclass

We had an absolutely amazing turnout for our highly anticipated and much-awaited MediHerb Masterclass webinar series that focused on enhancing immune health. The series kicked off this past Thursday, starting promptly at 4pm Pacific Time (6 pm Central Time). The first course, expertly taught by the renowned and esteemed Kerry Bone, was an absolute delight and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share some of the incredible highlights with you:

Echinacea Premium and Andrographis Complex for immune support

True immune resilience is derived from immune enhancement/not by specific anti-viral, fungal or bacterial compounds. Taken alone, they’re relatively useless. An herb must first improve immune system health, resilience and longevity-then address the specific pathogen.

The right herbal agent improves communication between our dendritic and helper T cells-it does NOT mean that it will create the inflammation portion of a cytokine storm (massive inappropriate response to tissue destruction and necrosis).

Alkylamides found in both Echinacea Angustifolia and Purpurea exert anti-inflammatory, rather than pro inflammatory enzymes. They enhance signaling between dendritic and T cells by binding to cannabinoid receptors. All of this enhances our innate immune system activity and viability of T cell function.

Part of the Aging process =less resistance to infections as our natural killer cells decline in number and function. After only 2 weeks of oral dosing with alkylamide rich Echinacea, clinical trials proved the return of both the number and the function of natural killer cells to that of youth. Results showed up to 120% in phagocytic activity and 35% reduction of risk with this form Echinacea. Mice regularly fed this alkylamide rich Echinacea also lived longer.

herbs for immune support

True Artemisinin contains the Peroxide bridge, which provides the body with a compound destructive activity against viruses, and parasites including Malaria. There is extensive evidence that it’s active against RNA and DNA viruses. Artemisinin must contain the critical anti-viral-flavonoids and essential oils-the whole herb extract is the only form that accomplishes this. Artemisinin is not stable in liquid form-the Peroxide bridge can split. The great majority of products named Artemisia Annua claiming to be a source of Artemisinin were tested and contained none! Suggested use is 7 days on, then up to 7 days off to allow the liver to down regulate the hepatic enzymes. IMPORTANT! This item is on backorder-order ASAP to assure faster delivery when available.

Turmeric Forte for immune support

Biologically active Curcumin is both anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. It helps the body manage a cytokine storm.

Astragauls Complex for immune support

Ingestion of Ashwaganda and Astragalus causes a significant rise in white blood cells in as short of a time as an 8-week period.

We have two more left that you don’t want to miss! If you’re not able to join us live, please be sure and register so that you’ll have the opportunity to listen to it at your leisure. Each webinar is only available for two weeks to those who have previously registered. Registration is done thru yours truly so contact me if you’re interested.

When: The next 2 Thursdays: April 30, and May 7th 4pm PST (6pm CT)

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