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Empower your Patients to Take Charge

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When it comes down to it, empowerment is the ultimate goal for all healthcare professionals, right? If your efforts to inform and educate your patients on clean office practices and adherence to social distancing do not get them in your office, GO VIRTUAL! It’s time to think outside of the box! So here’s the next tool for running a virtual practice:

Once you’ve enrolled in Patient Direct you’ll need to send a letter out with the code especially provided by Standard Process. Please note: Do NOT give them your account number, only your Patient Direct Code. Only then, your patients will be able to order products from using your account code. You’ll be notified for every order they place, and at the beginning of each month, you’ll receive a 40% commission check every month! How cool is that!

Here are two email options. The first is provided by Standard Process and the second is generously provided by Dr. Kip Hewitt DC of Petaluma. Thanks so very much Kip!!

Here’s Dawna giving you the visual on how patients sign themselves up with your code. It’s pretty simple and be sure to have them click Agree at the very bottom, or the registration won’t go through.

Ask yourself… If you are not taking all of the steps virtually, do you at least have a system in place to do the work differently? By implementing virtual practices and providing resources like Patient Direct, you can enhance patient engagement and improve their access to the products they need. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you on your journey towards a thriving and successful practice.

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