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We had a wonderful luncheon at Piatti Restaurant for our first Researched Nutritionals Marin County study group.

Here’s what we learned from each other:

We sampled OraMax, which contains Lysozyme-a vegetarian enzyme specific to the Parotid gland. For the muscle testers, we discussed that sensitive teeth, dry mouth/dry eyes & loss of taste are usually related to the Parotid gland. This would be an excellent vegetarian support to that vital salivary gland. Ask for a free sample pack of 2 the next time you place an order.

We talked briefly about HistaQuel and the amazing results that our doctors are getting out in the field including one gentleman who had suffered from post nasal drip for 25 years! All of his symptoms gone within one bottle! Provides dual H1 and H2 histamine blocker support.

Tri-Fortify is an outstanding source liposomal glutathione and champion of Phase 2 liver detox, Tri-Fortify takes the guesswork out of so many human symptoms that we deal with, works in harmony with the body and pronto! Ours tastes delicious and surpasses the scrutiny of experts including Penn State University. Ask for a sample packet of Orange or Watermelon Tri-Fortify the next time you place an order.

The body needs energy for any function including its defense. Chronic fatigue is usually one of the last symptoms that shows up when someone has had a chronic microbial burden-whether fungus, bacteria, virus, or parasite. It’s known as Mitochondrial collapse. The cell wall has also been compromised which is another area of defense that has come tumbling down.

An ideal companion to liposomal glutathione is lipid replacement therapy, which is the actual replacement of damaged cellular lipids with pure, healthy phospholipids. This ensures proper function of cellular structures, especially the cell membrane. A champion of apoptosis, they naturally replace and stimulate removal of damaged membrane lipids. ATP 360 or NT Factor Energy each provide this.

Upcoming Study Groups

Crossing your paths soon- local luncheon study groups! Please take a look at the following locations. You must RSVP by filling out the form below or contacting me directly and letting me know which one you’d like to attend. I’ll email you a confirmation back along with the food choice and address. Groups are limited to 6 people. The topic will be announced prior to each event. 

If you don’t see one close by, and you’d like to create a study group in your area, please also let me know. I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs.

To dining and discovery together,


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