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I’ve been ‘turned on’ by watching ‘Undercover Billionaire’ – a reality TV show about a self-made magnate who deliberately became homeless in order to accomplish something very large…building a business worth a million dollars within 90 days. Whaaattt??? 

undercover billionaire

His team was instructed to put him in any city in America as long as it had potential for growth. With absolutely no social connections, his only ‘tools’ were an overnight bag, $100 cash, a cell phone with no contacts and an old truck. On top of it all, he was silently dealing with Cancer. Did he do it? You’ll have to watch it to find out. 

2020 was a scary year so I wanted to help start this year with stories of inspiration. 

Glenn Stearns was born dyslexic to alcoholic parents, flunked the 4th grade, completed high school at the bottom 10% of his class, and became a father at the age of 15. Wow!!

You’ll want to start with Season One to understand the process of survival first, then creating community to reach your goal as a team. Season Two is set during the pandemic! How can you not be roused to think more creatively about your business? It’s available on the Discovery Channel TV or online.

The Discovery Channel is also covering Colin O’Brady, world record holding endurance athlete and the first man to cross Antarctica on foot dragging a sled (he also helped introduce the Standard Process Possible Bar). Then the Impossible Row– the first human powered row across Drake Passage, and now- the Impossible Summit”. K2 is the last of the fourteen highest peaks that remains unclimbed in winter. Follow him live through February and on Instagram.

What makes Colin’s feats even more impressive is that he was told he’d never walk normally again after burning 25% of his body in a terrible accident. Since then, he’s also become the the fastest person to climb the Seven Summits & to ski to the North and South Pole all in 139 days. I’m hoping this helps provide the juice of enthusiasm for you today. 

May this year, and every year be the accomplishment of some of your deeply held desires,


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