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Reputation Management with BirdEye

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Ted Ray Lac of Peninsula Acupuncture in Los Altos shared this very cool Biz Tip with you all. It’s well worth following his example…

“Good morning, Kim. I’m sending this to you because BirdEye is an automated review generating system. It had helped me solicit a number of reviews and may be a resource for your doctors. Happy to share more info.”

Here’s a recent review that BirdEye notified him about:

Ted, thank you so much! Your reaching out to help other practitioners reminds me of the great principles found in Bob Burg’s Books, such as “The Go-Giver” – one of my favorite books. It’s available to download for free from your local library or for purchase directly from their website.

Ted, you’re such a great example of leading patients’ experiences of your services rather than taking no action and hoping for a good review. This is so much more powerful! I appreciate you adding value to so many of our lives!

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