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3 Ways to Create Connection Online for Your Business

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Creating Positive Learning Experiences During Weird Times

With all of the Zoom and webinars now how do you create those friendships that will last a lifetime if you’re not interacting with people in person?! Easy! You can create a positive learning experience that is fun, lighthearted, relevant and even a little over the top with graphic details! People are hungry for information right now! Capitalize on it! Dawna Weiss, CN from Inspired Living shows you three ways you can achieve this.


If you don’t have a website, GET ONE! Drive business to your website where you can have all the information about you and your practice available for anyone, anytime, from anywhere! You can use this as your own public library for all of your papers, thoughts, musings and offerings. You can offer links to video information there too! There are all kinds of learning styles out there, reading (blog) and video! Try to have a peppering of all of them! Some people read, and some are video watchers, cover all the bases.

Blog Posts

If you don’t have a blog, start one! I have been publishing weekly blog posts about real life things (graphic details included on a parasite cleanse) and I got such a huge response! Emails, texts, and even a drop-in office visit from a dear old friend. Cats Claw Forte flew off the shelves!

Be excited about something in your life, in your practice and SHARE IT! People are looking for some positivity right now, be that shining light of fun and information! Once the blog is written, it gets posted to social media platforms and sent to my email subscribers.


Think about creating FRIENDSHIPS THAT WILL LAST FOREVER THROUGH A POSITIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCE when you embark on this new land of information sharing. It’s about building relationships! With that in mind it might just lighten the fear of actually doing a webinar! No one likes to be on camera really, I know I don’t. Just let go of ego, put your thoughts together, and just start somewhere! Even if you do a few Facebook Live events posting something silly just to get your feet wet. People are visual. I’m telling you; this WILL BE the new normal.  And when things do return to how they were, this will be a really cool new tool to help build your practice and create lasting relationships!

I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to me to help get you started on your way!

Note from Kim: 

Cristina Robinson from The Lovely Geek sitting at an outdoor table with a laptop open

Dawna introduced me to Cristina Robinson at The Lovely Geek and I cannot imagine my life without her! As Julia Child said, “She is the butter to my bread” and is behind all of these beautiful emails coming your way. Her technical knowledge is fantastic as well. You’ll soon be able to access which will be full of value for you and your practice. If you’re on the fence about creating a website or need someone to take over one that you already have, schedule an appointment with Cristina-she’ll be your beautiful, artistic guiding light in this next step for you.

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