An Extra Layer of Customer Care

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Many of you know my story –

I fell in love with Standard Process 25 years ago as a healthcare practitioner, and when I sold my practice, it was a natural fit to become a sales rep for the company. Now, I offer you an extra layer of customer care in the person of Dawna Weiss, PMP CN of Inspired Living. I’m pleased to call her not only a friend but also a trained colleague in supporting your clinical questions and tough patient cases. Together, our intention is to serve your needs while we merge evolving habits to accommodate your practice’s demands for change.

Introducing Dawna Weiss

Dawna Weiss of Inspired Living

One of Dawna’s specialties is a successful virtual practice. Wherever you’re feeling stuck, whether ordering online, setting up patients with Patient Direct, or any of the other hues involving technology, Dawna is eager to help you get your own 21st-century practice up and successfully running!

Smart Tip: Register for Patient Direct

Whether or not you ever use Patient Direct, it’s wise to register. It costs nothing and it’s the first step towards making our products easy for patients to order whenever they’d like with the convenience of ordering/receiving products at home.  This is especially important for those of you who have opted to temporarily close your business doors, or for patients unwilling to be in the public.

In many respects, Patient Direct acts as a staff member for you, taking their order, processing their payment, and shipping it out. You’ll receive a 40% commission and the check is mailed to you once a month.

Now, here’s Dawna!!!

Streamline Your Healthcare Practice with Standard Process

As a closely knit healthcare community, we can emerge stronger than ever through this shift with the best products, timely innovation, and sharing each other’s success stories

Feeding your greatness,


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