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We had a great webinar on Broken Bones-with the research that was done, it turned out to be more of Teeth, Nails, Hair, Skin and Bone webinar!

Nettle Leaf for Bone Health

One of the products highlighted was MediHerb Nettle Leaf which is not only part of my Skin Vibrancy Tonic, but also Teeth, Nails, Hair, Skin and Bone Vibrancy Tonic!

Here’s why: 

Consider Nettle Leaf one of those ordinary plants with extraordinary properties- due its source of living silica, boron, fatty acids and much more. 

Nettle has the ability to extract inert silicon dioxide from our soil, pull it up thru its stalk, and convert it into a living silica that our hair, skin, nails, teeth and bones will love!

Because living silica helps build collagen, it does a lot more than strengthen bones and joints. It also reinforces the structure of hair and skin. It creates bonds between protein molecules, which are responsible for the skin’s natural ability to retain water, critical for repair and cell renewal. Results could include firmer, more hydrated skin, healthier nails, and stronger, lustrous hair. Remember too-our bones are 1/3 water!

The hairs of Nettle Leaf contain a fluid rich in acetylcholine, silica, serotonin and 5-hydroxy tryptamine (precursor to serotonin/melatonin aka 5 HTP). This has the ability to cross the blood/brain barrier and be useful for anxiety, depression, and to help improve sleep. It increases bone mineral density, improves Vitamin D and magnesium absorption, and reduces inflammatory markers such as C reactive protein and TNF-a. 

Suggested internal use: 40 ml per week or 1 teaspoon daily. Bottoms up!


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