Dawna’s Crazy Cat’s Claw Protocol

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This week my fellow team member, Dawna, is sharing her protocol and experience with the new Cat’s Claw Forte. Take it away, Dawna!

Cat's Claw Forte

Hi, everyone! I’m definitely jazzed about Cat’s Claw Forte! Allow me to share the secret behind why I love it so much!

🚨Warning: graphic details ahead. 💩

We all know that parasites are tricky. It takes a special plan to outsmart them and kill them all and the eggs they leave behind. Not to mention the biofilm! My experience after only 3 Cat’s Claw Forte tablets was 3 days of visible parasites in my poop! I’m on my last 2 tablets in the bottle, and still have sightings! I’m going in for another round.

Now a little lead up to what I had on board before and during my Cat’s Claw addition. I keep a lot of herbs in my cabinet at home.

I had been eating what I call a non-planned grazing protocol of the following items, and then I added the Cat’s Claw Forte. As you know the results were SHOCKING! I know it’s a lot, but I’m just going to put it all out there as it really worked for me!

I muscle-tested and ate the following things randomly in addition to my regular protocol listed below.

(*2 Cats Claw is strong! My system was ready for it, use caution!)

Check out this great article from Wholistic Matters about Berberine!

My Protocol

Thanks for sharing, Dawna. Feel free to reach out to Dawna or myself if you have questions about the Cat’s Claw Forte.

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