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Rosel Mulkey of Marin Acupuncture and Nutrition Center

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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Rosel Mulkey, a highly skilled practitioner and the owner of the renowned Marin Acupuncture and Nutrition Center. Located in the beautiful city of San Rafael, CA, the center provides top-notch services in acupuncture and nutrition to promote holistic health and well-being. Rosel Mulkey’s expertise and dedication to her craft have made her a trusted name in the field, and her passion for helping others achieve optimal health is truly remarkable. Whether you are seeking relief from pain, stress management, or simply looking to improve your overall health, Marin Acupuncture and Nutrition Center is the place to go. Visit her website at to learn more about Rosel and the wide range of services offered at this exceptional center.

Interview with Rosel Mulkey

“I’d like to start right off with a success story:

Rosel Mulkey of Marin Acupuncture and Nutrition Center

I have a 15-year-old female patient who has suffered through migraines her entire life.  In addition, she endures Endometriosis. This is a girl who has missed 3 days a week of school forever.  On our first visit together, she brought in 4 typed pages of  the different nutritional approaches and protocols that she’s tried over the years. She’s also been a patient at a local medical center and had taken multiple pharmaceuticals.

I’ve trained in advanced NRT muscle testing. With NRT, I discovered her brain and digestion needed to be addressed first.  She had multiple immune challenges in her brain and she needed to avoid wheat. I put her on a gluten free diet and added Standard Process EnzycoreMultizymeNeurotrophin PMG, and Parotid PMG. Within two weeks, the migraines were gone, and her Endometriosis was greatly improved. 

Sad to say, she saw her specialist and he informed her to stop all supplements. She complied and ended up with severe pain which they then labeled Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This pain was so severe that she could not walk or bear any weight. If she had to get around the house, she was on crutches. She laid in bed for weeks in severe pain and then, depression set in. I finally convinced her to start the supplements again. 

Within a few days of re-starting her Standard Process nutrition, she was able to put weight on her feet and within a few more days, she threw away the crutches and is now walking completely normal. She got out of the house and went on a short road trip with her family and she drove the entire way. Her dad reported she is doing great and extremely happy. 
I thought this was such a dramatic turnaround, that you should know about it. Just a few supplements and avoiding wheat in the beginning. Again, to reiterate, this girl has been on a laundry list of medications her entire life and has had many medical procedures done by the specialists at the local medical center. I made more progress in 2 treatments than they did in her entire life. The power of muscle testing and Standard Process products.

My specialty is NRT, acupuncture, and Cranio Biotic Technique, the latter designed by Anthony Smith). I get amazing results using this combination of tools.  BTW- Anthony loves Standard Process Chlorophyll Complex.

During a typical discovery, I always use standard NRT techniques and check for blocking and switching.  I check for stressors in the body and if any ‘immune challenge vials’  test ‘active’ I use the CranioBiotic Technique to ‘neutralize’ them.  Once you find the active stressor spot located with the help of my CBT chart, a magnet is placed on that site and another on the brain. All organs that show this stressor are treated with electromagnetic force. In this way, you’re activating the brain to go after whatever it is that’s causing the stress- it talks to the immune system. Patients progress much quicker.

I love Neurotrophin PMG  for brain involvement. When dealing with wheat sensitivity and neuroinflammation, I love Standard Process Neuroplex and Super EFF as a predigested fat-so important for the brain. 

I’ve personally found that the reason why so many people have a weak organ and they’re stuck in their healing process is usually due to an underlying immune challenge. Bugs hide-and won’t necessarily show up in the test kit. Resonance testing, which involves taking the vial and hovering over the organ-causes them to come out of hiding.

How do people find you?

Word of mouth, occasionally thru my website- I’ve had a local optometrist is recommending people before she’s even met me because the results I’m getting are so profound!”

Thank you Rosel, I always learn something from these interviews, and I so appreciate your time.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Rosel Mulkey and the Marin Acupuncture and Nutrition Center, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to provide additional information and support.

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