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Pam Levin RN of The Nourishing Company

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When I first learned about Standard Process some 25 years ago, I was a woman on fire! I had a mission to tell everyone how amazing Standard Process was. I was a clinical nutritionist, owner of a Health Foods store, and was muscle testing whomever I could get my hands on. I met Pam Levin, RN through a muscle testing study group that I had in Ukiah via Laura Samartino and Marie McGarrity-two very special ladies that I continue to work with today.

With over 50 years of professional practice, Pam Levin, RN is a renowned innovator in both physical and emotional health. Explore her transformative approach to nutrition, emotional healing, and the power of muscle testing. Get ready to be inspired by Pam’s wisdom and discover the possibilities for a healthier, more vibrant life.

Interview with Pam Levin

“I was lucky enough to be invited to that first Ukiah muscle testing group. At the time, I’d been in private practice since 1970, a nurse counselor offering Transactional Analysis and Inner Child work. I’d been running a full private practice plus raising two children and traveling to do workshops on many weekends. I had not been paying any attention to my body. A few weeks before Kim’s event I’d collapsed in an airport lounge waiting for a flight home, literally unable to get up off the floor.

Kim muscle tested me and found adrenal exhaustion, digestive problems, hormonal issues, memory challenges, disturbed sleep, anxiety and more. Plus established the vegetarian protocol my body needed. She’d discovered all these health challenges added up to severe osteoporosis, which is why I’d collapsed at the airport. Because she not only got to the root of these problems but also developed a protocol to fix them, I, too, became a convert, training in muscle testing modalities and learning how to determine whole food concentrates and whole organic herbs protocols for my clients. Because of that muscle testing session, I got my bones and my life back, plus transformed my private practice to include both physical and emotional work. Like a true convert, I’ve written many books and articles in both these areas to let people know what’s possible. The first book was, Perfect Bones, A Six-point Plan for Healthy Bones.

Over the years, I’ve incorporated emotional work into nutritional protocol appointments. For example, after determining a new protocol, and with the products still on the body, I ask the person to repeat the statement, “All parts of me are now aligned behind getting the maximum benefit from this protocol.” while muscle testing. If it’s weak, I ask if the person would like to clear this issue. If so, I use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to identify and clear any emotional blocks that come up.

The responses are both surprising and powerful. I recently worked with a woman traveling in a high altitude region. Previously her shortness of breath had been entirely relieved with Chlorophyll Complex Perles (SP) and FeMax Iron Tonic but on this trip, she was still short of breath. She was wearing an electronic blood oxygen meter while we worked, which was reading about 86-88 at the beginning of the session. We worked on clearing the emotional issues that showed up, which had to do with her feeling suffocated by a particular life circumstance. The results were dramatic: by the end of the session her reading-with her oxygen climbing up to 96.

I still work under my RN license, represented under the umbrella, “Health Improvement Services” to include both physical and emotional work. My top selling products are Medi Herb Bone Complex, Standard Process Black Currant Seed Oil, and Organically Bound Minerals. THANK YOU KIM!”

EFT work is very easy to learn-you could start with the book, The Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner for surface learning. For deeper work, read Cycles of Power by Pam Levin. Pam is an award winning author, nutritional journalist and world renowned innovator in the fields of physical and emotional health. She draws on 50 years of professional experience in her busier than ever health consulting practice in Ukiah, California

Books that are resources for your office: Arthritis: To Conquer It, Check for These Causes, The Female Hormone Journey: Lifetime Care of Your Hormones, and Your Toxic Metal Burden: How to Lighten Your Load.

Pam, thanks so very much for your wonderful tips and great resources. I appreciate your friendship and your knowledge. You’re an inspiration and a valuable part of our community.

Please share your success stories and more about your practice. I’d love to hear from you,


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