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Joëlle Dussuyer L.Ac. of Back to Health with Acupuncture & Nutrition

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I’d love to introduce you to a very smart and fashionable businesswoman-Joëlle Dussuyer of Back to Health w Acupuncture and Nutrition. Being with Joëlle in her office is an elegant, healing experience- from the soft colors of paint on her walls down to the beautiful essential oils wafting through her office. It’s a spa experience to savor in the heart of the Castro. 

Interview with Joëlle Dussuyer

Joëlle Dussuyer

What do you specialize in other than acupuncture?

“I see myself as a type of family doctor-looking at emotional, dietary, and nutritional areas of need. I ask the essential questions-how many hours do you sleep? What is your digestion like? How often do you exercise? Do you have any known allergies? I look at color of their face, how they speak, their posture, how they walk-and then use all of my senses to assess and determine their biggest need. I refer them to “Put Your Back at Ease” book by Thea Sawyer.

Joëlle Dussuyer

How do people find you?

Most of my referrals come through my existing clients. I’ve been in the city about 35 years with a really fine reputation. I have a strong referral practice that comes from my website, local referrals from MD’s, and a bit from Yelp. Over the years, I’ve had a large pool of UCSF worker’s comp to treat.

What sets you apart?

My age! LOL! 35 years of practice can make you very wise and humble. I developed an ability to computerize, in my mind, all the details that my clients are willing to share with me, combined with my personal observations, and deliver treatment and recommendations that are very simple but super effective. I believe every treatment should reveal a new healing step that my patient feels. I want them to leave feeling very supported with new tools and above all, a higher spirit.

How has shelter in place affected you?

I have so much more compassion for everyone suffering. I think I’ve done particularly well. My mantra is to stay strong, healthy, and fear free. I’m focused on what to do to stay balanced both personally and financially, and what I can do to help others. The more peaceful I am, the better the outcome.

That said, I sort of saw the crisis coming and before it was even a thing, ordered masks and cleaning supplies which made it possible for me to practice safely and legally.

I’m a big believer on using the power of manifestation- especially being calm & full of joy that that things are going to be okay. I’m talking with son every day @9am while taking an hour walk, such a blessing!

I don’t like that I’m losing half my income, but feel fortunate not to have lost it all like other businesses have. I let the crisis push me where I needed to go- exactly where I should be. I feel like I have a higher quality relationship with each individual. I’m taking one patient per hour and using Telemedicine for nutritional consultations-increasing dispensing herbs and Supplements. I transformed one of my treatment rooms into an herb and supplement store which has always been a dream of mine.

My recent successes include:

I recently tele-worked with a patient who had high fever and unbelievable headaches. I overnighted Standard Process Calcium Lactate, of which he took 2 per hour, Standard Process Congaplex at 20 daily, Andrographis Complex at 6 daily and 8 daily Medi Herb Saligesic. Within hours of taking it, the headaches and fevers left. 

I had another new patient who couldn’t control diabetes even with meds. I started him on ½ tablet per day and worked him up to 3 daily of Medi Herb Gymnema. At one point, he tried another Gymnema product to “save money” and his fasting glucose numbers didn’t go down the way they did with Medi herb Gymnema.  He told me, “I tried it and it doesn’t make a difference. I’d like to resume the Medi Herb Gymnema”. One little product changed his life and will likely change his outcome if he ever contracts the virus. His Diabetes is much better!

My Favorite Products

My 2 top sellers are Medi Herb Andrographis complex and Medi Herb St John’s wort.

I’ve used them way before Covid for myself-I eat well and I never get sick, even when exposed to patients with the flu. St John’s wort addresses viral and emotional piece of the puzzle. It’s a perfect fit. I personally take 2 of each daily. It keeps me in good spirits, and I recommend 4 daily to a patient if their mood is low. If you feel something coming on, increase the dose. I do the same with Andrographis Complex. I insist on doing it for the long run right now. When the risk seems to decrease, 2 a day is enough. With more exposure to risk, then 4 daily. I’ve chosen these because they really resonate with me. I’ll add other products like Standard Process Immuplex or Epimune if they can afford it.”

Thank you beautiful Joëlle-your patients are lucky to have you!

Joëlle’s dedication to her practice and her patients is truly inspiring. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about her approach to acupuncture and nutrition, please don’t hesitate to reach out. She is more than happy to share her knowledge and experience.

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