The Secret to Adrenal Dysfunction

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The famous endocrinologist, Hans Selye said “Every stress leaves an indelible scar- an organism pays for its survival after a stressful situation by becoming a little older.” For the body to marshal resources for survival, a great deal of energy is required. In this post-pandemic epidemic of adrenal fatigued patients staggering into your office, you may be struggling with how to help them.

For the patient who is tired, unable to cope, has difficulty sleeping, and is anxious, think not only adrenals but the alteration and breakdown of their stress-handling systems. Not only do our own genes have to deal with lifestyle and environmental stressors, but the second set of genes found in our gut bacteria must make the adjustment too. A prolonged stress response alters the composition and function of our gut bacteria, leaving us less able to adapt to life.

COME JOIN our virtual ‘live’ 2 hr. CA CEU (Lac/DC) seminar, presented by Jean Lawrence ND: The Secret to Adrenal Dysfunction. Dr. Jean will discuss in detail the stages of adrenal exhaustion, adrenal testing, hormone interplay, and protocols to support and restore adrenal health. All licensed healthcare practitioners and Standard Process account holders are welcome.

Important! Up to 12 DC and Lac ‘live’ webinar CEUS will count towards your yearly accreditation. We’ve created this set of virtual webinars to give you a very easy, enjoyable way to get your CEUs while having the rest of the weekend to rest and rejuvenate. It’s our way of helping you be kind to yourself and your adrenals. Try us, you’ll love us!

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“Wow Kim! “Our Microbial Burden” is an EXCELLENT presentation. Well done! Thank you-this is exactly what I needed at this time. It was creative, interesting and educationally well rounded. Beautiful job!”

Whether or not you’re able to join us, you might enjoy this Stress Assess questionnaire available through Standard Process.

A quick clinical gem for you is adding a few Adrenal Desiccated to your favorite Immune products to help provide extra energy and to improve stress response.

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