AMPK: Guardian of Mitochondria and Metabolism

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We are made up of lots of different cells – heart, brain, blood, muscle, nerve, etc. Each cell is different and has a different job to do within the human body. In spite of these differences, all cells run on one currency- and that’s energy.

If you had to name an “engine” that powers the activity of virtually every cell in your body, it would be a compilation of mitochondria. Mitochondria are considered the “powerhouses of our cells”- they generate the chemical energy responsible for the very fact that we are alive.

In fact, to truly die of “natural causes” means you simply failed to produce sufficient energy to maintain life. One cannot heal, white blood cells cannot migrate to the site of the infection or tumor, and circulation cannot flow properly without adequate energy.

ATP is the energy currency used to run every cell, organ, process, system, and function in the body from our mitochondria.  Ideally, your body should produce the equivalent of its body weight in mitochondria every day. 1Cells constantly need to manage their energy consumption depending on the availability of nutrients and on their capacity to produce ATP.

AMPK promotes mitochondrial biogenesis in order to produce more ATP. New material is added to the existing mitochondrial network in order to increase mitochondrial mass. AMPK is currently receiving a lot of attention as a potential target for treating diseases associated with metabolic deviation. This includes diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver diseases but also cancer, which is often associated with changes in metabolism.2

Please join us for a dynamic discussion of AMPK as guardian against metabolic deviation as well as protector of our mitochondrial balance.

AMPK- Fat Loss & Aging- 2 hr. CA approved (Lac/DC)

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