The Power of 3: Introducing Sharone Franzen LAc

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Tony Robbins, our nation’s top life and business strategist suggests that for a better quality of life, ask and answer yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What are you going to focus on?
  2. What meaning are you going to give things?
  3. What are you going to do?

I’m focusing on giving you exceptional customer service through product education and business development. The meaning behind my service to you is that I feel “called” to do so- my sacred duty. What I’m going to do is to introduce you to the third level of extraordinary assistance in the person of Sharone Franzen L.Ac of Blue Willow Acupuncture

Sharone Franzen, L.Ac

Sharone Franzen has her Master of Science in Chinese Medicine from the American College of TCM, and completed her undergraduate work at San Francisco State University with a major in Literature and a minor in Science. She completed internships at the ACTCM Community Clinic, Auricular Acupuncture Clinic and the Jewish Home for the Aged. In addition to her SF acupuncture practice, Sharone has also taught Chinese Medicine at ACTCM and TCM Review. She’s done extensive research on food and nutrition.

Sharone and I have worked together for the past several years, and as a result- she understands the capable use of Standard Process and MediHerb within a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. Sharone will not only be servicing the SF area, but all acupuncturists. There’s also an 8 hr CEU (LAc and DC ) seminar Sept 12 & 13- look for our announcement next Wednesday!

We talked about starting to work together in this new capacity when she stood by me while gently nudging me to create new webinars and zoom meetings. You’ll be seeing more of that in the future.

Here’s a Personal note from Sharone:

“I’d like to make myself available to everyone. Email me with questions! Product info, webinars, etc – I will find answers for everyone’s needs. I’m super excited to be able to finally blend my years of customer service with my knowledge as a healthcare practitioner”.

– Sharone Franzen, LAc

Contact Sharone directly: (415) 572-1797 or through her website.

Sharone, Dawna, and I met in Napa last week and we all agree- this synergy is great! It’s our collective hope that you’ll continue to be pleased and impressed by our desire to serve you and deliver on our promises of a healthy business thru stellar customer results and sound work principles. 

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