Compliments & Praise

“Wow Kim! Congratulations! Researched Nutritionals is a great company – I use only a few things but have great respect for them!”

Leni Felton, CN

“Hey Kim-congrats on the switch and Welcome to Researched Nutritionals! I find their products test well and are of excellent quality. I look forward to catching up when the time allows.”

Lise Parenteau, DC

“I feel like a significant piece of my world has been restored! So glad to you have you back in my life Kim! I’m so incredibly grateful to you Kim, you have not just helped me but saved me more times than I can count!”

Pam Levin, RN

“I hear your voice in my head when I’m trying to figure out which products to use to help someone.”

Faune Towery, LAc

“Hi Kim so happy you found a place to shine. Sorry about the SP changes. I don’t think it will be as good as you are.”

Latifa Rainbow, DC

“The last seminar was excellent. I really enjoyed hearing from Sarah. She validated some of the cases that I’m seeing. It was good to hear her take on the parasite issue. I was just telling my patients that everyone is suffering from parasites at record levels. Wasn’t sure why. Related to the vaccine, Covid or the food supply. Maybe all three. It has definitely been more challenging to get these parasites to go. It is good to see that she’s throwing 5 supplements at them. Thanks again for all that you do for us”.

Rosel Mulkey, LAc

“Wow Kim! “Our Microbial Burden” is an EXCELLENT presentation. Well done! Thank you-this is exactly what I needed at this time. It was creative, interesting and educationally well rounded. Beautiful job!”

Leni Felton, CN

“Kim Sperry, I’m so delighted with all the good research you sent me….AND on a Sunday morning bright and early! You really go above and beyond! I’m sharing all of the info you sent me with ALL of my patients on Calcifood (sending them all the link to your Broken Bones webinar) and sending everyone on Turmeric the fact sheets as well. They love when I educate them!”

Sarah J. Loren MA, CFMP, CCN

“Thank you for a great blog post, and I might add long overdue! – I started using SP Chlorophyll years ago and have a sense that it helps me in so many ways. This supplement is a must-take for everyone, as most of us get very little pure chlorophyll since our diet leaves a lot to be desired in the eating of plants that contain this powerful substance. Although I do include green veggies as recommended, I nevertheless truly feel like I’ve had an extra internal cleansing every time I take my 2-3 capsules after each meal, or the very least once daily.”

Maria Atwood, CNHP

“I watched your presentation on calcium on your youtube channel the other day. It was great! Really well done! I have been asking SP representatives what is the purpose of Calsol for over 40 years, and I have never gotten a clear answer. No one has ever had a good explanation. Only the vaguest of answers which suggested that they were just reading the product description back to me. After watching your video, I feel like I understand the purpose of this product, and how it fits into the SP line for the very first time! I really appreciate the info! Plus, I learned a lot about your other calcium products.”

Dr. W. Friedman

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