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As a Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist, I prioritize your needs above all else. With efficient and driven work, I can quickly help you address your health concerns using clinically backed research and professional results. I achieve this through:


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As a Functional Medicine Consultant your needs are my first priority.

I am a strong believer in evidence-based nutrition and work as a Functional Medicine Consultant for Researched Nutritionals. Prior to becoming a consultant and herbalist, I founded and operated my own health food store and alternative medicine practice in Sonoma County, CA.

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A Few Compliments


“I have just started giving ATP 360 to a few of my long covid patients.  They are all testing for it and one patient just took it for a few days and already noticed a big difference in her brain function and overall energy.  I was impressed.  Another patient is a hard to fix long covid patient.  He has chronic fatigue so badly.  I have addressed most of the other issues but this one remains.  If this works for him, I will be singing your praises and Researched Nutritionals.”


“HI Kim, Thank you for visiting me and giving me so much good information!!! I so appreciate it! I just ordered some more RN products for myself and the office . I took my first dose of the ATP 360 with the BDNF this morning and was in such a good mood and felt very clear and uplifted for my zoom class this morning. Looking forward to learning more. Thanks again also for the MFT kits. Have a great weekend!”

“Wow Kim! Congratulations! Researched Nutritionals is a great company – I use only a few things but have great respect for them!”

“Hey Kim-congrats on the switch and Welcome to Researched Nutritionals! I find their products test well and are of excellent quality. I look forward to catching up when the time allows.”

“I feel like a significant piece of my world has been restored! So glad to you have you back in my life Kim! I’m so incredibly grateful to you Kim, you have not just helped me but saved me more times than I can count!”

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