My entire career has revolved around the highest level of health and fitness. Originally mentored by June Embury CN of San Rafael, I then went onto start and build a thriving business “In the Pink Health Foods” of Cloverdale, CA. A doctor that had a great impact on my professional path was Dick Versendaal DC. I’m still honored to have been one of his students. After selling my practice in Cloverdale, I went to work full time as a clinical sales representative for Standard Process-one of America’s oldest nutritional companies for licensed health care professionals.  

I sold my business for about 100 x’s my original investment. I think that I was able to accomplish this because I loved (and was very good at) diligently helping others in my community. I’ve taken that initial expertise and built upon it for 20 years -learning from the various doctors that I work with. I work with MDs, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and I’ve successfully helped them with difficult, hard to understand cases. 

I’m an avid researcher and will give you my very best in responding to your questions. On a personal level, I love to cook and host “Dining with the Docs” with some of the doctors that I work with.

Hi, I'm Kim Sperry!

I'm a Clinical Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist dedicated to providing nutrition and supplement support to health care practitioners.

“Thank you for the information you sent the doctor about Cyruta Plus, California Poppy, and Turmeric Forte, Kim! It is really wonderful how quickly you have helped us. Our order has just been placed, so hopefully, this new herbal regimen will be picked up by our patient very soon.”

– Ginger

I offer you an extra layer of customer care in the form of my  team member, Sharone Franzen. Together, our intention is to serve your needs while we merge evolving habits to accommodate your practice’s demands for change. It’s our collective hope that you’ll continue to be pleased and impressed by our desire to serve you and deliver on our promises of a healthy business thru stellar customer results and sound work principles. 

Meet the Team behind Kim Sperry Consulting

Sharone and I have worked together for the past several years, and as a result- she understands the capable use of Standard Process and MediHerb within a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. In addition to her SF acupuncture practice, Sharone has also taught Chinese Medicine at ACTCM and TCM Review. She’s done extensive research on food and nutrition.Sharone not only services the SF area but all acupuncturists.

Sharone Franzen, M.S., L.Ac.

Cristina is like a marketing angel, and I am so grateful to be working with her! She’s the designer behind my beautiful website, and she is responsible for helping me create my emails. If you’re in need of support around your website, she is your gal! And, she uses Standard Process and Medi Herb! How great is that? With online magic, you will be in the very best of hands with Cristina of The Lovely Geek.

Cristina Robinson

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